When will it be me...

I see the couple are walking by
I don`t wanna be alone today
So glad no one can see what I hide deep inside
How it feels to be...
The girl who never gets the right guy
When there`s so much I`ve got to give!
I wake up reaching out in the night, ready to hold him tight
`Til I realize, that nobody is there

When will it be me?
When will I be the one... somebody`s dreaming of?
When will I find my heart, lyin` inside the arms
...That never let me go?
I`d really like to know...When will it be me?

My friends seem to have all the love,
Knocks on their door and walks right in...
I know that I am worthy of what I`ve been wishing for
I can`t wait no more...Love`s nowhere to be found..

Feeling his tender touch, talkin` bout forever together
Givin` him all of my love, that`s been trying to break free...

Don`t wanna be alone no more...I`m telling you what I need
I want someone who loves me for me
And when will it be?


Anonymous said...

but i love you for who you are......


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