When will it be me...

I see the couple are walking by
I don`t wanna be alone today
So glad no one can see what I hide deep inside
How it feels to be...
The girl who never gets the right guy
When there`s so much I`ve got to give!
I wake up reaching out in the night, ready to hold him tight
`Til I realize, that nobody is there

When will it be me?
When will I be the one... somebody`s dreaming of?
When will I find my heart, lyin` inside the arms
...That never let me go?
I`d really like to know...When will it be me?

My friends seem to have all the love,
Knocks on their door and walks right in...
I know that I am worthy of what I`ve been wishing for
I can`t wait no more...Love`s nowhere to be found..

Feeling his tender touch, talkin` bout forever together
Givin` him all of my love, that`s been trying to break free...

Don`t wanna be alone no more...I`m telling you what I need
I want someone who loves me for me
And when will it be?

This is what you do when bored...

Boredom: is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity.
You laugh and try to look for things that will make you laugh... again!!

Onga naman.... there's an elephant!


i think the teacher's crazy.. she asked to expand... heller! e di 'etc'.... hahahaha! :p

I remember my prof asked, why are the leaves green??? - uhmm, coz God made them green! I think its a smart answer. :p luckily, i wasn't called that time!

so many ways...things that can make us laugh and smile each day... we just have to appreciate small things. :)

for the first time...

I cried the other day for the first time in a very long time... why? .... by watching City of Angels! Honestly, didn't like the movie at first because of its sad ending but it made me realize that she was lucky to love and be very loved in return.
At first, watery eyes lang then the scene with Nicholas Cage came "I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss of her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it. One. ". The tears just wont stop after!

I think what I felt that day was mixed emotions.. from the film and from what Im experiencing. I'm starting to fall for someone who doesn't even know what love means... tough? You could say I'm a masochist! Should I wait for him to love me back or is it really impossible for him and maybe I should just walk away and move on? I want to be right this time... someone told me I'm the director of my life... True! But it's just hard to walk away...
It feels really bad when you fall in love with someone you can’t have or doesn't love you back. It feels even worse when you are sure that this relationship can never work out. I think that this is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. I believe that to forget someone is one of the hardest “assignments” given in life. Therefore all of these thoughts crossing my mind drove me deeply into the psychology of what is called falling wrongly into love.

Maybe I'm paranoid, perhaps there is hope in this relationship... or maybe not... either way, I have to be wiser this time. I always get myself into a difficult situation/relationship... with this, im unhappy... im always the one trying to adjust and solve the problem or fix 'HIM'! i just wanted a normal relationship, someone who can just love and accept me for who i am and who's not scared of me loving him back so much. Im with someone, yes, he makes me happy at times but is that good enough? I cant even be myself with him... scared of losing him in the end... why am i soo scared that someone will leave me again?? why cant i leave them for a change??? im so scared to be wrong, to make a mistake... but sadness and depression is killing me.

"Lord, help me to make the right decision... to see things clearly and be strong for whatever decision i make"


Just learned from a friend that it helps to write all the good things that happened and read them over and over again, then you'll realize that you have alot of things to appreciate...

* thankful that i had a good sleep... it wasn't the best dream but at least i was able to dream.
* for a loving sister that guides me and still gives me advice even if she's busy working
* a friend that cheers you up everytime you're down
* pasta for lunch
* my gummy bears
* my job
* people were not mean to me today

* realize your mistakes and learn from it....

keep the faith

All things in life are temporary..If they're going well, enjoy, they won't last forever...
If they go wrong, don't worry they can't last long either..
The larger our faith the lesser our fear;
the greater our trust, the smaller our doubt;
the stronger our belief the weaker our worries.
Keep your faith burning and we'll be alright.. :D

my song for the week... :D

"Ohh im yours can wait to you come home cause its the way that you love, that makes me wanna surrender to you.Im yours im giving you my all and every piece of my heart, you can never refer no question i'm yours. "

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